About Us

Invest Detroit is a certified Community Development Financial Institution and a leading source of private sector financing which utilizes a variety of funding tools through managed for-profit and non-profit targeted funds to support economic and community development in underserved communities primarily in the City of Detroit.

Invest Detroit and its related entities were formed to facilitate funding from the public, private and foundation sectors and to address targeted needs of the communities it serves. Representing $225M in funds, committed capital and New Markets Tax Credit allocation, Invest Detroit serves as a platform intended to meet a broad range of financing needs to support business expansion and real estate development, the creation and retention of jobs, and the revitalization of distressed areas.

Invest Detroit represents the vision of the Board of Directors and management of the Detroit Investment Fund (DIF), which was created and funded in 1995 by members of Detroit Renaissance, now known as Business Leaders for Michigan. In 2010, the DIF Board and management team enhanced and transitioned the capabilities of the DIF to create Invest Detroit, which serves as an umbrella entity for the DIF and other for-profit and non-profit managed funds.