David Blaszkiewicz

President and CEO

David Blaszkiewicz serves as president and CEO
of Invest Detroit. He is responsible for the
organization’s development and implementation…

Management Team (Click Name for Full Profile)

David Blaszkiewicz, President and CEO

Sarah McClelland, Chief Operating Officer

Karl I. Bell, Senior Vice President

Keona Cowan, Senior Vice President

Derek Edwards, Senior Vice President

Mary Seaberg King, Senior Vice President

Thomas Million, Senior Vice President

Marcia Ventura, Senior Vice President

Patricia Glaza, Vice President, and Managing Director, Detroit Innovate & First Step Fund

Martin Dober, VP, Invest Detroit, Managing Director, Detroit Innovate and Venture Development Organization

Jason Barnett, VP, Invest Detroit

Invest Detroit Staff

Amber Jamie Grimaldi Karen Harris
Valerie Doyle Therese Nottingham Seun Oyewole
Cristina Thibodeau Lettice Crawford Sue Hamilton
Mike Smith Bradley Hoos Sam Ging
Lindsey Marvicsin Maureen Anway Nate Barnes
Randy S. Hyde

From top left:
Amber Gladney - Vice President, Administration
Jamie Grimaldi - Controller
Karen Harris - Senior Vice President, Administration
Valerie Doyle - CPA, Manager, Loan Accounting
Therese Nottingham - CPA, Accounting Manager
Seun Oyewole - Analyst
Cristina Thibodeau - Executive Assistant
Lettice Crawford - Vice President, Credit
Sue Hamilton - Executive Assistant
Michael R. Smith - Director of Neighborhood Strategies
Bradley Hoos, Executive Director, Hacker Fellows
Sam Ging, Program Manager, Hacker Fellows
Lindsey Marvicsin, Underwriting Associate
Maureen Anway, Neighborhoods Coordinator
Nate Barnes, Neighborhood Projects Manager
Randy S. Hyde, Senior Vice President of External Relations